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Our Story

Hello! I'm Lynda, the inventor of The Pocket Palette. 

It all started with an early morning train ride

In November 2013, I took a 5 am train ride from D.C. to NYC for a day trip. Since there was no way I was going to wake up any earlier than I needed to, and I didn't want to carry my bulky makeup bag around all day, I thought about the best way to do my makeup on the go. I ended up squeezing some makeup into a sandwich bag so I can do my makeup on the train (when I woke up), and then throw it away. I wished there was an easy solution like this that I could buy, but...

It wasn't until I overheard some girls talking in the bathroom that I thought I should make this myself. 

I was in my second semester of business school at George Washington University, when I overheard some girls getting ready for interviews after class. They were talking about how they hated having to carry their makeup to school because it was a heavy addition to their backpacks, and because it was really gross putting your personal makeup bag on the public bathroom counter. I sprang out of the stall and asked them if they would use a multi-compartment sandwich bag that already had makeup in it, so they could do their makeup and throw it away after. Two of them stared at me, and one said, "where can I buy that?"

So I set off to make my very first prototype with materials from Amazon, CVS and my kitchen cabinet. This was in February 2016

After working out the small details

Like how to create a product that didn't exist before, my cousin and I launched a Kickstarter campaign in October 2017. We raised $56,305 from 405 people in over 15 countries. 

Now, in May 2018, we have received our first shipment of Pocket Palette (768 pounds of it), and are finally making that sandwich bag dream a reality. Our mission is to empower women to look and feel confident on the go. That's really why we created The Pocket Palette, a single-use, full face makeup kit for the girl on the go.

The Pocket Palette | Makeup on-the-go

Running late for work? Have a job interview? Throw a Pocket Palette into your bag and touch-up your makeup whenever you want. Fits perfectly alongside your business cards.

The Pocket Palette comes with a single serving of BB cream, a pink cream that does double duty for your lips and cheeks, and a mascara wand pre-dipped in long-lasting mascara. Keep one in your car, your office, locker, or anywhere you might need your makeup. 

Once you're done with your touch up, simply throw away the whole kit. You can continue your day without having to be continuously reminded that you are carrying your makeup, giving you room in your bag for more important things, like books and snacks.


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