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SHAPE Magazine Feature | The Pocket Palette for Next Level Living

SHAPE Magazine | The Pocket Palette


You know those magazines you pass while in the grocery store? The ones you see as you’re about to pay. Sometimes you will pick them up and skim through all the photos and words describing the best of something or they have top 10 lists. Guess what!? I am happy to announce that #PocketPalette is featured in SHAPE Magazine! So next time your roaming around your local grocery store be sure to keep an eye out for this months issue of SHAPE magazine with Leighton Meester on the cover. Pocket Palette is featured as one of the top 10 items for Next Level Living. Making it to number three on the list, Pocket Palette is described as a way to “do a tiny touch-up” just open, primp, toss.


The Pocket Palette | Travel Makeup Kit


This is really inspiring you guys! Shape Magazine has dedicated themselves to help women discover and participate in a well-lived life. This aligns with Pocket Palette’s purpose excellently as we aim to help women on-the-go focus on their priorities without the literal weight of their bags bringing them down.

We were featured along with other great items, and really think you should get a copy so you can get to your next level of living (obviously not biased). If you do, send us a pic of you with the magazine, we would love to see it!

Check out our Instagram for more photos and updates, and of course, we did a photo shoot at the wing. 💁🏽


The Pocket Palette | Makeup on the go