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All Firsts, All at Once: The Exciting Times of Launching a Business

travel makeup essentials
Over 100 LBS of makeup
arrived for sampling. Can
you guess what this
bucket has?

The Pocket Palette team has been busy this summer! We created an LLC, filed lots of legal paperwork, ordered and received makeup, had our first interview, sent our first newsletter to 150 people, and are now publishing this first blog post! It has been a truly exciting time, all leading up to our Kickstarter, set for October 1st of this year.

In case you missed it, here is a link to the interview we had on While Commuting.

While Commuting is a new podcast series sponsored by Apple Podcasts and hosted by Priyanka N. Deo. She explores and condenses various human interest stories that can be heard in 15 minutes or less. 


Here are some highlights from our interview.
Lynda T.C. Peralta - Founder of Pocket Palette
Lynda pretending
to take notes as she
retells the story of her
train ride to

Priyanka: What sparked the idea for The Pocket palette

Lynda: I was on a train from New York to New Haven. It was one of those 5am trains, so I didn’t want to have to wake up any earlier than I needed I squeezed some makeup into a sandwich bag. And that was it. 

Priyanka then asked about the challenges that arise when you decide to go into entrepreneurship, as many people start with great ideas, but don’t know where to go from there.

Lynda: “Anybody can have a great idea, but it’s about the amount of work that goes into validating your idea”

Listen to the podcast to hear the full interview (it’s only 5 minutes long). Stay tuned for more updates!


Priyanka N. Deo is the voice behind the While Commuting podcast, bringing her experience as an investigative journalist and radio host to her show. Recognizing her talent, iTunes sought Priyanka to start While Commuting, in June of this year. While Commuting has interviewed people on topics ranging from human trafficking, entrepreneurship, and publishing.