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How a Buzzfeed Listicle Got Me an Internship

By: Melissa Pomeranz 

How do you spend your lunch break at work? I know for me it’s my chance to catch up on Instagram posts I missed or mindlessly surf the web. Sometimes I find myself online shopping for a dress or lipstick I don’t need, and others, I find myself browsing my News app staying up to date on anything from current events to where the new restaurants in Boston are...because who doesn't plan their next meal while they are eating?

Buzzfeed Internship | The Pocket Palette

Huge plug for the Apple News app for letting me browse these different topics from various publications in one spot because, without it, I wouldn’t have gotten this internship. Let me explain.

On this one particular Thursday, I was scrolling through my curated feed and came across a Buzzfeed article. I saw the headline 52 Incredibly Useful Products That Help You Get Through Life. If you know me personally, you know I tend to laughably struggle with the simple things in life so, this seemed like a fitting read. I am also a sucker for anything to make my life easier or more efficient (@ products who can do that: please take all of my money).

After scrolling through bed sheet suspenders, no-tie elastic shoelaces, and a tool to help you clasp a bracelet on by yourself, I came across lucky number 37. I don’t know if it was the cute packaging or the clever name but, The Pocket Palette instantly caught my eye. After reading the product description, I knew this was something I needed in my life.

Not being a morning person, I am often running late for work, class, or appointments, and when something has to be sacrificed, that is often my beauty routine. As someone who hates to leave the house without makeup on, my two options are to have deal with being bare-faced all day or lug my hefty makeup bag with me. I usually choose the latter and hope I can find five minutes to sneak to the bathroom to put some makeup on, where I inevitability realize I forgot the foundation brush I needed at home in my hurry. Enter the savior to my struggles: The Pocket Palette.

The Pocket Palette has all the products I need to do a quick, full face of makeup (BB cream, mascara, and lipstick) and feel confident, but it is also light, small, portable, and can be tossed when I am finished with it.

I clicked on the link to go to the website to purchase, giddy with excitement. As I started to read through the website, the marketing major in me engaged and the lightbulb in my brain turned on. I was flooded with ideas of how Pocket Palette could be advertised, potential social media posts, and ideas for partnerships (I know I geek out for shame). The excitement to purchase the product quickly turned to an eagerness to get involved. I had no idea where the team was based or if they would be willing to hire an intern- but hey, you got to shoot your shot, right?

My current internship was ending in June and I had not yet figured out how I was going to spend the summer before my senior year of college. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I found the CEO’s name on the website and looked her up on Linkedin. I sent her the below message with an invite to connect and crossed my fingers that I would get a reply.

Buzzfeed Internship | The Pocket Palette

I spent much of the day checking and refreshing Linkedin until later that night I saw she replied! She was so excited. I reached out and asked to set up a call to discuss. We scheduled a call for the following Monday afternoon, and after a 15-minute chat, I had an internship!

Three weeks later, I was on-boarded, and I haven’t looked back since. I couldn’t be more excited to see what the rest of the summer holds for me.

Before I sign off, I want to share two very important lessons this experience reinforced for me:

  1. You can turn any activity, even mindless web browsing, into an opportunity
  2. Take chances because, no risk = no reward

I hope this inspired some of you to proactively seek out career opportunities, and when you do become that gal on the go, I hope there is a Pocket Palette in your purse!