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Are white sneakers the new travel staple? Here are 5 trusted brands to try.

I'm a fan of both dresses and comfortable shoes, so I am extremely down with the dress and sneakers trend. I see travel influencers flawlessly executing this dressy chic look all over Instagram, and just had to find our more. I scoped out the five best white sneakers to buy to get you started on your travel wardrobe. 



1. Adidas – I think these shoes are the most popular white sneakers I have seen on my Instagram feed. And for good reason. They are super comfortable, easy to spot clean, and will stand the test of time long after these Insta-trends fade. | $50.00-$164.09


2. Vans – As a girl who grew up with skater punk/pop, I will always have a soft spot for Vans. These slip-ons are easy to pack as they lay mostly flat too. | Prices vary 

3. Keds – Keds are the most intergenerational shoes out there. Everyone from grandmas, moms, teens, and kids alike have worn these sneakers. You can even customize your comfort by using inserts.  | $39.88 - $68.23

4.  If you're a fan of the shoes that look like socks, definitely check these out. They have amazing reviews on Amazon and are the most affordable on this list. | $32.99


5. If you prioritize comfort over everything, then these are the way to go. Nurses and retail workers rave about these shoes, so you’re guaranteed to be able to stand walking around a few tourists spots with them. | $46.18 - $148.57


Now that you’ve selected your white sneakers for travel, remember to pack this tide pen to make sure you can keep scuff marks at bay. If you need something stronger, traveling with white nail polish will the get the job done too. 


Lastly, to complete your Insta-Influencer look, keep a Pocket Palette handy so you can do your makeup on the go. Pocket Palette is a full face, single-use, travel makeup kit. It comes with a single serving of mascara, lip/cheek color and bb cream for quick color on the go.


We hope you like our recommendations! Just so you know, we use affiliate links so we may earn a small commission based on your purchase.