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7 Travel Essentials to Keep in your Go Bag

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by life’s little humbling moments. Like that time you traveled for an interview and spilled coffee down your shirt right before the meeting. Or you woke up on the morning of your best friend’s wedding with a rash on your face. Pocket Palette is all about being there for you while you are on-the-go. So we came up with a list of other little lifesavers that you must pack in your go bag.


1. Tide Pen – The coffee story should be enough to explain this one. Tide pens are a woman’s best friend, with no exaggeration. I have used this in the car on the way to a pitch competition, at a bachelorette party where red wine was spilled on the bride’s white dress and a plane after spilling ketchup on my shirt. The nice thing about this package is that it comes in a pair so you can keep one in your go-bag and the other in your car. | $6.99 for 3


2. Deodorant – Hot summers in D.C. and New York have taught me one thing, and that is to always carry deodorant. It is beyond refreshing to wipe yourself down and reapply deodorant when you've been sweating. Not only does it feel good, but the people around you will also thank you.| $15.00 for 3

3. Sewing kit – When I was a teaching assistant for an MBA class abroad, I had to repair a pair of pants for a student who went a little too hard at karaoke. It was the night before the presentation, they were his only dress pants and all the stores were closed. I repaired them for him with the sewing kit I had in my go bag. He was immensely grateful, and now I have this great story to tell. Pick up a sewing kit the next time you’re at a hotel. Ask the front desk for one. If you need one asap, Amazon has this one in a cute package. | $5.12


4. Sharpie – Having a marker on hand is always a good idea. Aside from being able to write with it, you can also use it to patch small chips in paint. I once without shame used a sharpie to cover the white scuff marks on my heels, no one knew the difference! | $6.18


5. Hydrocortisone – Aside from being able to calm your skin from a rash, it also doubles as a moisturizer in a pinch. I typically dab hydrocortisone onto my eyelids and under-eye before a flight because that area tends to get extremely dry for me. | $7.28


6. Pantyliner – Aside from the obvious, a panty liner doubles as an emergency lint remover! Just use the sticky side to dab off fuzzies from your suit. | $2.78


7. Pocket Palette This is the ultimate product to have in your travel bag. Pocket Palette is a full face, single-use, travel makeup kit. It comes with a single serving of mascara, lip/cheek color and bb cream for quick color on the go.  | $11.99 - $34.99 


We hope you like our recommendations! Just so you know, we use affiliate links so we may earn a small commission based on your purchase.